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Dr. Duval Molina

Neurosurgeon specialized in spine surgery

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“A Doctor from Manabí performed an unprecedented spine surgery, accessing through the abdomen” – El Diario

“Minimally invasive surgeries are a great contribution to health care in Manabí and Ecuador.” – El Diario

Neurosurgeon in Quito

About my vocation and training

Dr. Duval Darío Molina Chóez is an Ecuadorian doctor who has specialized for 8 years at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he specialized in Neurosurgery and the High Specialty of Spine Surgery.

His training as a Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon was performed entirely at the most important and prestigious UNAM’s headquarters for these specialties: the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, “Manuel Velasco Suarez,” located in Mexico City.

He is a widely recognized neurosurgeon in his country in the medical field. As a spine surgeon, he has represented the AO Spine Latin America for Ecuador (period 2020- 2023).

Dr. Molina has also received the 2019 IOCIM international award “PRIZE TO THE MEDICAL BY ACHIEVEMENT FOR A BETTER LIFE.” And in 2022, he received a new award called “PRIZE SUCCESS” IOCIM in Punta Cana.

Dr. Duval Molina,




The most important services offered by Dr. Duval Molina in Quito, explained in detail for a better understanding

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Spine surgery

Correction of possible structural anomalies


Brain surgery

Procedures to treat problems in the brain and surrounding structures

Spinal cord and nerve surgery

Correction of spinal cord and nerve anomalies that require surgical intervention

Offices in Quito

1.  Hospital de los Valles: Cumbayá

2. Novaclínica: Santa Cecilia, Quito

Office in Manta

UmiñaMed: Office nº 604
Vía Barbasquillo, Manta

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096 841 4286


Comments and testimonials of our most recent patients

Mayra Escobar

“After the surgical treatment of a cervical hernia I can say that I am back to living a normal life. I am very grateful to Dr. Duval Molina for the intervention he carried out.”

“Dr. Duval Molina Choez removed two herniated discs I had been diagnosed with. Before the surgery, I was doing physical exercises with a lot of pain because the hernias were compressing the sciatic nerve. After the surgical intervention, I returned to my physical activities without any pain at all.”
Jean Salvatierra
“I suffered from a brain aneurysm and I had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Duval Molina, who performed surgery on me. Now I can say that, thanks to God and to Dr. Molina, I am feeling well and recovered. Dr. Duval Molina is an excellent neurosurgeon, you will be in the best hands.”
Gregorio Moreira

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Doctor Duval to the community

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