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“For the past 6 years, I suffered from left hemifacial spasm. I was treated with medicine and acupuncture without success until my neurologist referred me to neurosurgeon Dr. Duval Molina. After evaluating my problem, he recommended a surgical intervention to decompress the facial nerve. One month after the surgery, the spasm started to disappear and up to this day, I have not had any complications in four years.

I can confirm that the surgery was a success!”

¡Puedo afirmar que la cirugía fue todo éxito!”

Nora Gavilánez
“At the age of 50, having lived a normal life so far, I woke up one day to find myself having no feelings in my legs whatsoever. After consulting a large number of neurologists and traumatologists who could not diagnose my problem, I was fortunate to have a physiotherapist who recommended Dr. Duval Molina. He found that my problem was the dorsal part of my spine, which was affected by a mass. For this reason, Dr. Duval Molina suggested I would have an intervention. Twenty-four hours after the operation, I was able to lift my legs again. I could not be happier, especially when the doctor made me stand up. My life changed completely and for that I thank God and Dr. Duval Molina, an excellent neurosurgeon and spine surgeon.”A las 24 horas de mi operación pude levantar mis piernas nuevamente, ¡Mi felicidad fue enorme y aún más cuando el doctor me hizo poner de pie! Mi vida cambio totalmente y por eso agradezco a Dios y al Dr. Duval Molina un excelente neurocirujano y cirujano de columna."
Katiuska Carvajal
“I was suffering from an intense pain in my T8 and T9 dorsal vertebrae that prevented me from carrying out my physical activities. I had been to many specialists before I finally went to Dr. Duval Molina who diagnosed me with a thoracic hernia. He scheduled the surgery and performed a discectomy. This was a very delicate surgery since the intercostal nerve was being compressed, which caused a really intense pain. The surgery was a complete success, immediately after the surgery I was able to walk, after 24 hours the pain had decreased 85% to 90%. Thanks to God, Dr. Duval Molina and his medical team!"
Dra. luci Escobar Palma
“I was diagnosed with herniated discs in the lumbar sacrum, which prevented me from carrying out my daily activities as I had lost strength in my lower limbs, even to the point of using a cane. In 2018 I met Dr. Duval Molina, who is a neurosurgeon specialized in spine in Mexico City. He recommended a minimally invasive tubular discectomy intervention. Two hours after the surgery I remember being able to walk without any problem and now I can perform all my daily activities without any problem. I am so grateful to Dr. Duval for his commendable management and intervention."
Fernando Cedeño
“ In 2016 I had a very severe epilepsy for which I had to seek the help of a neurologist. At that time, the exam results showed no abnormalities. Later, in 2020, I had another epileptic episode, this time to a lesser degree. This time, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, for which I was immediately referred to Dr. Duval Molina. I want to thank Dr. Duval for such an efficient operation, everything went great.”
Darwin Saul Giler
“In January 2020 I underwent a surgery by Dr. Duval Molina Choez after he had diagnosed me with cervical hernias in the C4, C5 and C6 discs. I was suffering from headaches and tingling. After this surgical intervention, I now have a healthy life, for which I am very grateful to Dr. Duval Molina. I can testify that his operations are a success.”
Angie Vinueza
“Dr. Duval Molina Choez removed two herniated discs I had been diagnosed with. Before the surgery, I was doing physical exercises with a lot of pain because the hernias were compressing the sciatic nerve. After the surgical intervention, I returned to my physical activities without any pain at all.”
Jean Salvatierra
“I suffered from a brain aneurysm and I had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Duval Molina, who performed surgery on me. Now I can say that, thanks to God and to Dr. Molina, I am feeling well and recovered. Dr. Duval Molina is an excellent neurosurgeon, you will be in the best hands.”
Gregorio Moreira
“After the surgical treatment of a cervical hernia, I can say that I am back to living a normal life. I am very grateful to Dr. Duval Molina for the intervention he carried out.”
Mayra Escobar

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Dr. Duval Molina Choez and his wife, Dr. Kariam Choez are some of the finest professionals in their respective fields anyone would ever want to meet. I am a US Air Force Veteran and retired Department of Defense Civil Servant. While serving on active military service, I suffered a spinal injury (both lumbar and thoracic) for which I have suffered for years crippling my daily living functions coupled with moderate to extreme pain. I have visited and received many medical procedures (spinal injections and disc-ectomy, from doctors at VA medical facilities as well as many private health care providers.
Both Doctor Duval and his wife Kariam worked as a team to assess and diagnosis my medical condition and course for treatment. After a quick MRI, CAT scan, and X-ray work up and the doctors assembled an expert medical team and began the process of reading for surgery. Dr.Duval had his pain specialist/anesthesiologist get my pain under control. After surgery both doctors Duval and Kariam were at my beside making sure I was doing well. I felt as if my own family were with my wife and I caring for us every step of the way. The level of caregiver, expertise and medical professionalism was the best I had ever experienced to this day. I highly recommend Dr. Duval Molina Choez for anyone who may be in need of neurosurgeon treatment. “I am eternally grateful!”. Dios los bendiga!!

Robert Villa

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